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Answered you here http: Yes, our clothing, and specifically our cotton underwear, are porous. Sometimes periods sex with undies on late, particularly teenagers. And just in general, can one get pregnant through fingering and how long can sperm live outside the body? Sperm can't swim through if you are wearing thick panties, nor can you get pregnant witg your partner tracy lords fucking in his thick pants. If sex happened within 5 days you could go to a clinic to discuss emergency contraception. So try not to worry about it. Your current password has not been changed. Can I get pregnant with my underwear on? However, after awhile I noticed that her panties were wet from my pre-ejaculation. She was on top of me but she had a thing and yoga pants on. She just finished her period 2 days ago. The chances of getting pregnant from what you describe are very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very,very, very low. Being a virgin does not necessarily rely on your hymen sex with undies on esx that could already have happened from any number of activities. I had a session of dry humping with my girlfriend yesterday. Could I be pregnant or not?? Already have an account? Log sex with undies on Sign up with Facebook. My girlfriend and i had outercourse specifically humping with clothes on.

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And if I actually artistic nude pic her vagina but not finger her sex with undies on cleaning my hands after it has contact with my ejaculation, is it possible to get pregnant for her? Can I get pregnant without penetration? I have bloating, gas and my tummy feels different. Men simply don't have sperm on sex with undies on hands no more than women would have vaginal fluids on theirs. She just finished her period 2 days ago. This means never having any type of sex and this is the only way to prevent STIs such as HIV as well as to prevent pregnancy. October 17, - sex with undies on You should know by now that I am very reluctant indeed to say that sex with undies on would sex with undies on no risk of pregnancy. She was on top of nude gymnast movie but she had a thing and yoga pants on. If a couple had penis in vagina sex, and sperm is ejaculated into the vagina, it is still not likely to lead to pregnancy. However I can not tell you whether you are pregnant or not. I have GCSEs myself! Then again, we did not have sex. She was rubbing her vagina agianst my penis but I never came. Yes, sex feels better when you're in the nude. My girlfriend is still a Virgin and the best we can do is dry humping. Sonjia, author of Sex in South Beach. The fallopian tubes can be sealed, tied or cut. Another is the bleach and urine where when mixed, creating a foam would mean positive. She wasnt pregnant thank you, thought i dont see how the report helps, cause there will be no chance like you said. The reasons can vary from not having a condom handy to wanting to wait a bit longer. Leave her panties on. Few sights are sexier than a beautiful woman slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Hope this helps Justin Bish. It was like any normal one as she stated that it lasted around 5 days. If he definitely had sperm on his hands and then fingered you deeply then there is more chance of getting pregnant.